I Finally Believe And Understand That The Lord Loves Me!

Just a few minutes ago, I finished your life-changing book, Unmerited Favor. For the first time in my 51 years of life, and in my 18 years as a Christian, I finally believe and understand that the Lord loves me! I have wanted so badly for the Lord to love me for so long! But for some reason, I could never accept or believe that He did.

My life has been one of total and complete rejection. I grew up in a poor neighborhood that despised me for my race. Even my only relative, my mother, despised me until the day she died for ruining her life as I was an unwanted surprise baby.

When I was 18 years old, I fell deeply in love with a man from a different race and married him. He turned out to be a verbally and physically abusive man who broke my heart and terrorized our three kids and me for 31 years. Two of my kids hate and resent me. My son has totally cut himself off from us and my daughter is so hostile she can hardly talk to me and avoids me as much as she can. She has been this way for about 11 years. Only my youngest daughter has shown me unconditional love!

Every single one of my in-laws has rejected me in every way because I am of a different race, totally refusing to talk to me unless they are mocking me or putting me down, speaking in their language only, even though they knew mine. I have been to so many family gatherings where I would be alone with my kids the whole time, with my husband mocking me and ignoring me too. I finally just stopped going to these gatherings, even though my husband would angrily demand that I go.

The lady who led me to the Lord was mean and unkind, saying that God loved her more than me! And she often criticized me for not wanting to be just like her! This torture lasted for years and I couldn't get away from it because she was a co-worker! Another “Christian” co-worker constantly harassed me, saying that my church denomination did everything wrong and that my pastor was an unholy man.

Pastor Prince, I have wanted to be loved my whole life! And when I became a Christian, I used to cry, wishing with all my heart that the Lord would love me! The emotional pain I had been in for so long was excruciating! Your book has finally helped me to see clearly, with absolutely NO doubts, that He does love me, and always has!

My health has paid a heavy price from the depression I was in for so long, but for the first time in my life, I am at peace because I am resting in God's love! I feel like a child again, with the Lord holding me and comforting me! I have no more anger and unforgiveness toward the world that has been so hard on me!

Thank you so much Pastor Prince for explaining unmerited favor in such a clear and thorough way that I could finally understand it! I cried through the whole book! Thank you for loving God and loving people, for it was your loving words and attitude that ministered to my wounded heart. I clearly saw Jesus Christ in you and heard Him in your words. I pray that the Lord will continue to richly bless you, your family and your ministry!

Now on to my next awesome adventure—I am going to start reading Destined To Reign! Thank you with all my heart, Pastor Prince!

Leslie HopeAlfaro
California, United States