Protection and Healing Through Hearing the Gospel

Pastor Prince, I’ve attended church since I was a child but never heard the gospel of grace the way you preach it. I’m so thankful for you and your ministry. I look forward to reading God’s Word, listening to your sermons, and reading your books daily. I now believe in Abba’s love for me and the finished, complete, perfect work of Jesus at the cross. It has changed my life and filled me with joy.

In May 2019, a tornado came through my city. My home was in its direct path. Although electric lines were down, trees were uprooted, and debris surrounded my house, my son and I were protected. The only damaged part of my house was the roof. For the last few years my roof had needed shingling but I didn’t have the money to repair it. But because it was damaged due to the tornado, the insurance paid for it all! Not only did Abba God protect us, but He also caused something good to come out of this bad storm by blessing us with a new, paid-for roof.

Last year, I started a new job but it turned out to be a terrible situation for me. I quit before I found another job but I knew my God would provide. Money came to us while I was in-between jobs so every bill was paid. I also got a temporary job that eventually became a permanent position. Today I’m doing something I enjoy with an even better pay than the job I had left!

For a couple of years now, I’ve been participating in CrossFit and have really enjoyed it. Last spring, I developed severe pain in my quadriceps. Old, negative thoughts crept back into my mind: You don’t deserve to do something you enjoy.

I started to partake of the holy Communion at least once a day and began to speak out what I believe—that the Lord loves me, cares about what I’m interested in, and wants me to be well. After a few months, I was free from the pain and am now progressing even further in CrossFit! I’m now 49 years old and have gotten faster and stronger.

Every time I work out, I thank Jesus for protecting me from injury and declare that He is my strength. The owner of my CrossFit gym even offered me a position there to be an encourager to members, which is something I absolutely love doing. This position also pays for my membership at the gym!

I can’t even describe how good God is to me and how thankful I am for what Jesus did for me at the cross. It’s a joy I’ve never known before.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching the truth of God’s grace.

Michelle Brice
Missouri, United States