Instant Relief of Flu Symptoms After Receiving Communion

My colleague and I listen to Pastor Joseph Prince almost every day either online or on a Christian network. One morning, we both got to work feeling drained and sick with the flu. She had a sore throat, and I felt constantly cold.

We both thought about receive the holy Communion at home but we said, “Why wait till we get home? Let’s do it right here at our work desks.” We took our water and a piece of vegetable or whatever was in our lunchbox and read out a Communion prayer Pastor Prince had shared.

Instantly, something was lifted from our bodies, and we received healing immediately! We both felt it and were full of energy and life. We were praising God the whole day for this miracle.

I always thought the holy Communion was to remember the Lord but now it is also my medicine. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing this secret with us.

South Africa