Kept Safe and Joyful while in Prison, Eager to Share God’s Grace

I am 28 years old and I was born to parents who both suffered from schizophrenia and drug addiction. I was left by them at the hospital and spent the first few years of my life in foster homes. By the time I got adopted at the age of 3, I suffered from severe attachment and abandonment issues.

These issues created many struggles for me and my adoptive parents as I grew up. Convinced that I was unlovable and would always be rejected, I rarely accepted anyone’s love for me. As a teenager, I found myself homeless and on the streets feeling lost, rejected, and full of pain.

I had been preached to before and had even prayed the prayer of salvation multiple times, but I never really accepted or believed in God’s love for me. I went my own way instead, turning to drugs to provide the comfort, rest, and relief I desired. I became addicted to heroin at 18 and began to commit theft-related crimes to maintain my addiction.

When I turned 19, I was sentenced to 10 years in the Oregon Department of Corrections for my theft-related crimes. I thought my life was over and I began to cry out to God. I was at my end and even contemplated suicide. But the Lord had a plan for me! Jesus was knocking at the door of my heart and I let Him in.

During the first few months of my sentence, I came across some Christian books that helped to minister the Spirit to me. I began to pray in tongues and was so thankful to have this gift from the Lord. He also showed me through a vision how I needed to spend my time in prison by soaking myself in His Word. He then revealed and confirmed His grace to me through Joseph Prince Ministries.

I had my own little 8-inch television in my bunk, and I was so excited to watch Joseph Prince every day at 6:30pm. His broadcasts confirmed what God was revealing to me in His Word, and God used him in a mighty way to lead me even further into His great love and grace.

I found myself on fire for the Lord and completely filled with joy as I continued to watch Joseph Prince’s programs every day whenever I could. I would write down the sermon numbers hoping to watch them again and share them with others.

I served 8 years of my sentence before being released—never once receiving a disciplinary report, and never once going into segregation. I am also thankful to report that God protected me and kept me safe during my whole time in prison!

Thank You, Jesus, for Joseph Prince Ministries. Thank You for the work You are doing in his life and ministry!

Steven Danielson
Oregon, United States