Kept Safe from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma after Praying Psalm 91

When Hurricane Harvey struck, it was projected to hit Corpus Christi, Texas, where my cousin’s daughter’s house is. We prayed Psalm 91 over her house and her street was untouched—even the seashells on her front lawn remained unmoved.

Then came Hurricane Irma. My cousin’s house in Alabama was close to Florida and again we prayed Psalm 91 over it. The hurricane didn’t even come near her state.

I got hold of Joseph Prince’s book The Prayer of Protection—Living Fearlessly in Dangerous Times right after that, and I’m finding enrichment in his study of this powerful psalm from the Lord.

Joseph Prince has fresh insights on God’s Word that I have not come across in fifty-seven years. I praise the Lord for this! My husband and I are now ministry partners helping to spread God’s grace and truth to the nations.

Theresa Ellison
Minnesota, United States