Letting God Love Me

Through your Daily Grace Inspirations, I began to understand how the law differs from the grace of God. The law makes us weak and guilty of our sins. It makes us sin-conscious rather than righteousness-conscious.

Your Daily Grace Inspirations and teachings on YouTube helped me to understand the grace of God and also the love of the Father through the finished work of Jesus Christ. I have learned not to depend on my love for God or my ability to love Him, but to focus on His love for me, the finished work of Jesus and His grace for us.

Through these teachings, I began to see clearly the power of His love, not only when we meet Him face to face, but today in the present. Knowing that we are accepted in Him no matter what helps us forgive others easily. We now know that God is always present and that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Praise Jesus! Great is the love of the Father for us. There is no need to be stressed out or to struggle to love Him. Just like what Pastor Joseph Prince said in one of the Grace Inspirations, "Let God love you instead, don't struggle in loving Him and fail. The more we let God love us and grow in the knowledge of His dear Son, Jesus, our natural response will always be to love Him."

Thank you, Pastor Prince. My prayer is with you and you really are a blessing. I praise God for you.

Liane GraceLopez