Admitted into Desired Course of Study

My results weren’t good for my upper secondary school year, and for my last prelims, I scored a bad aggregate of 34 points. Hence, my prayer request was to improve my score and get into the polytechnic course that I was interested in.

By God’s favor, I was conditionally accepted into my desired course through an early admission exercise in July. It was contingent on me passing the English and mathematics papers and achieving an aggregate score of 26 points and below.

Towards the end of the year, I sat for my GCE O Levels examinations. Even though I felt that I did not do well in many subjects, I continued to trust the Lord for a good outcome.

My prayer request was to successfully enter my desired course. However, when I received my results, I was sad to find out that I had failed my mathematics paper. As a result, my admission into the course was revoked.

Although I was at a loss, I still believed that since the Lord had opened the door for me through the early admission exercise, no one could shut it. While my family and I were still trying to find out how to make an appeal, we received a call from the polytechnic saying that they would make an exception and accept me into the course.

God answered my prayer! I felt so loved by God. Indeed, He has already gone ahead of me to prepare everything. Where there seemed to be no way, God made a way.

I accepted the offer immediately and was the first among my friends to be registered in the course I desired. Indeed, the last has become the first. Thank You, Jesus!