Life Completely Transformed by God’s Grace

I was baptized and raised in church. When I moved and attended a different church in my teen years, I started to not enjoy going to church anymore and eventually stopped going. I began to experience life without God and got into many situations that eventually led me to getting hurt, involving myself in toxic relationships, and relying on my own efforts to make something out of my life. Those were some of the hardest and loneliest years of my life.

In college, even though I still didn’t want to follow Jesus completely, I had a praying mother and a God who never gave up on me. I realized this one day when I cried out to God in a prayer, knowing that even in my current state, the Lord still had a plan for me and would answer my prayer exceedingly, abundantly, and above all I could imagine. I was in a desperate place, depressed and hopeless, and in the worst shape ever. So when the blessing came, it can only be God, and my perspective of Him changed.

Shortly after, I began to search online about God and eventually stumbled upon Pastor Prince’s videos on YouTube. I was hooked like a magnet to a fridge, and my goal was to get every single one of Pastor Prince’s sermons because they were all so good!

Step by step, I finally found the courage to leave an immoral relationship I was in. My 8-year addiction to porn completely disappeared, and I started attending a local church that was close to my college. Today, the trajectory of my life has been completely and utterly changed forever and for good. All glory goes to the Lord!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, and all the pastors at Grace Revolution Church (which I now attend), for helping me along my journey. My life has literally been redeemed from the pit just like the Scriptures say, and I now get to journey this life with Jesus every day!

Texas, United States

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