Lost Finances Restored

Pastor Prince, in a sermon on January 16, 2022, you gave a word about God restoring money to someone who was deceived into committing funds into an illegitimate investment. Well, I was the one.

Three years ago, I invested money into a company that turned out to be a scam, and I had to believe God for supernatural provision as I was getting married. To God be the glory, there was provision for the wedding.

My wife and I planned to relocate to Canada, and we kept our eyes on the Lord. By the time we were set to leave, God had provided all that we needed, plus I had favor with my boss to continue working remotely while in Canada. That was a big miracle.

To God be the glory, we got an apartment that cost less than the average price but had the latest amenities. Although it took a while to get work in Canada, God blessed me with a full-time and even a part-time job. My wife also experienced the Lord’s favor, with Him blessing her with a fully paid government scholarship for a degree program that would position her for the career of her choice.

God has restored our finances and set us on a path to success here in Canada. During the waiting period before getting work, your messages helped me to keep my eyes on the Lord.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for being a vessel God used to speak into my dire situation. God bless you and your family!

Uche Ogobegwu

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