Life Transformed, Standing On God's Promises

The gospel of grace revealed through Abba Father has completely transformed my life! In fact, since reading your books, listening to your CDs and watching your broadcasts and podcasts, my family and I have been receiving and boasting about the Father's love and Jesus' finished work on the cross for us, as well as His healing and health to all our flesh.

Several health issues, storms and fiery trials, one right after another (too many to name), that kept trying to form and take root within our family are miraculously NOT prospering! We are so excited to see what the Lord has up His divine sleeve for us next. We believe that He is our provision, our peace and that His favor surrounds us like a shield. Praise Jesus for bearing our sins, illnesses and iniquities in exchange for all the promises of God. Praise Him for making us joint heirs with Him by His blood.

We are expecting everything Christ died to give us to come to pass in our lives. Yahweh ROCKS! Thanks and blessings beyond measure to you, Pastor Prince, for fresh manna and revelations of God's grace, and for waking us up to our inheritance of ruling and reigning as kids of the King right here on earth! I LOVE learning Hebrew through watching your broadcasts! I love teaching it to my nine-year-old boy named Christian! We take the Holy Communion every day, sometimes more than once a day!

Paula Prendergast
Massachusetts, United States