Looked to Jesus and Experienced Restoration in Relationship

My fiancé and I have been together for more than 6 years, but misunderstandings made things rough between us. She was hurt in ways I had not even noticed. I started to crumble and could not stop thinking that the horrible things would happen to us.

My fiancé had introduced me to Pastor Prince’s teachings, but I procrastinated listening to his messages. However, I came to a point of desperation and started to listen to them. I also submitted a prayer request via Joseph Prince’s website.

I scribbled on paper a prayer for relationships I took from the website and had it translated into Amharic, our mother tongue. I made 2 copies and gave 1 to my fiancé. I told her of my idea to pray and ask God to mend, heal, and bless our relationship, and she agreed without hesitation. We did that separately for 3 consecutive nights.

Within the next few days, there was a turnaround in our relationship. It started to be filled with life and laughter again. Increasingly, we experienced peace and the Lord Jesus healing and blessing our relationship more than ever before. The more I turned my eyes away from my problems and looked to Jesus, meditating on His Word, the more I experienced His shalom-peace. That was the one thing I needed to do.

I am happy to report that a year after I received the Lord Jesus Christ through Pastor Prince’s sermons, our relationship has been restored. I feel deeply blessed to also share that we are now happily married! Our concerns about financing the wedding ceremony and new home were supernaturally taken care of by our Lord Jesus.

Indeed, He causes all things to work in our favor. In His grace we found freedom and rest. All glory to Jesus!

Leul Abdi