Lost Relationship Restored After 11 Years

I had listened to and agreed with the word of the year from the Lord about kairos timing that Pastor Prince shared at the beginning of 2023. However, I almost forgot about it until I was meditating on the amazing goodness of God and the recent miracle He gave me.

In 2012, I moved away from a family that had been a strong Christian influence in my life and were almost like parents to me. We had misunderstandings and lost our close connection for the last 11 years. I had been part of their family for 10 years and longed for that relationship to be restored.

I have made many attempts to reach out over the years with no success. Then, just recently, I brought to the Lord my desire to reconnect with them via a phone call and for our relationship to be mended. I also told Him how much I missed them. Without any knowledge of their whereabouts and seemingly out of the blue, they contacted me a few days ago and said they were passing through my state on a road trip and wanted to stop by for a visit.

It blew my mind how kind the Lord was to overanswer my prayers. I was able to have them over for dinner and meet my husband and 3 kids, whom they’d never met before. He did way better than just a phone call, and this revealed His love to me all over again. Thank You, Jesus!

Rebecca Griebel
Nebraska, United States

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