Hair Stopped Falling “by the Handfuls” After Hearing Sermon

Pastor Prince’s ministry has been life-changing for me. I tested positive for COVID-19 in August 2021, which was the event that led me to Pastor Prince’s ministry.

In November, my hair started falling out by the handfuls. It would fall out in the shower and when I brushed it.

I felt like I was being led to “let go” of the hair, so I cut the length off to my neckline but prayed and believed for God’s restoration.

I listened to Pastor Prince’s sermon The Secret of Obed-Edom’s Blessings. When he prayed for hair restoration at the end of the sermon, I received the prayer.

Without even realizing it, my hair has stopped falling out. I was washing my hair one day and it hit me: Oh my goodness, my hands aren’t full of hair!

All glory be to God! Even when I don’t see or feel it, He is working. I overcame the situation by the blood of the lamb and by the word of my testimony (Rev. 12:11). I thank God for Pastor Prince and pray for him and his family.

Terry Bustillos
Texas, United States

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