Marriage, Family in a Better Place After Knowing Jesus

Growing up, I just wanted to be a good person who did the right things and avoided doing bad things. I got married and had 2 sons. But my husband and I had frequent fights, leading me to contemplate divorce many times. The future seemed bleak as I struggled with fear and anxiety, not knowing how I would be able to pay off the home debts or how I could afford for my kids to go to university. As a result, I struggled with a very bad temper, stress, and depressive thoughts.

The turning point came when my youngest son started coming home after attending service at New Creation Church [in Singapore]. Even though I was a non-believer then, I would ask him how church went, and he would excitedly share with me what his pastor had shared. I thought, Wow, what this pastor is talking about is so true! I asked him who his pastor was, and he showed me one of Pastor Prince’s YouTube clips.

A few weeks later, my son asked if I would like to attend a church service with him, to which I said, “Sure!” Usually, I’d be afraid of attending events with many people, but somehow, I felt a peace to go. At the service, I felt so loved during the worship segment and experienced a peace and joy I’d never felt before. Even though I didn’t understand English well, I asked the Lord to give me the wisdom to understand what Pastor Prince was talking about, and He did! After that service, my son and I talked about what spoke to us during the sermon and about the goodness of the Lord.

One day, my son passed me his iPad and encouraged me to listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons during my free time. I started listening to his sermons while doing housework, sometimes listening to the same sermon repeatedly. Each time I listened, something different in the sermon would speak to me. My son also did Bible study with me and explained to me things that Pastor Prince would then preach about. Because of this, I could better understand and follow Pastor Prince’s teachings.

One day, I heard Pastor Prince share about how his son Justin meditated on Psalm 23. A desire rose within me to memorize Psalm 23, so I asked the Lord for the wisdom to do so. In my valley seasons, this psalm, along with many other Scriptures I kept in my heart, have carried me through.

Now my family is in a much better place, and I am learning to cast my cares to the Lord as I place my marriage in His hands. My future is bright, and I am looking forward to the Lord’s return!

Thank you, Pastor Prince. My life would not be the same if not for your ministry and your boldly preaching the gospel of grace. I now know Jesus and have a relationship with Him because of your preaching. All glory, honor, and power to the name above every name—Jesus!