Freed from Drug Use, Relationship with Daughter Restored

Ten years ago, I started receiving Joseph Prince’s daily Meditate Devotional on my phone. I was born again in 1979 but had struggled my whole Christian life to walk in any kind of freedom or success. My youngest daughter had disowned me and refused to allow me to see my grandson after she found out I was smoking marijuana.

Slowly as I continued to read the daily devotionals, Jesus began making changes in me. When I began to understand Jesus has already done the work on my behalf and that He has already provided everything I need through His finished work, my life and perspective changed. Not only am I now free from drug use, but after my daughter’s husband recently came down with COVID-19, she texted me for support.

I was able to encourage her and witness to her about Jesus and what His death on the cross provides for us! Together, we began praying for her husband. He was very sick, and the doctor wanted to put him on a ventilator. At first when I prayed, I asked God to please heal him and not let him die, but his condition continued to worsen.

During one of my prayer sessions, I realized I was praying out of fear and not out of faith. I immediately changed my words and said, “No! Jesus has already died and risen again for Josh’s healing.” Then I rebuked the virus in Josh and claimed it had no right to stay in his body since Jesus has already paid the full price for Josh’s health. I felt a tangible change right away and that very day, Josh started a rapid recovery! Within 2 weeks, he was sent home, and his doctor said he was at least 2 months ahead in recovery compared to other COVID-19 patients.

The gospel of grace is true, powerful, and has changed my life in so many ways. It has given me back my joy in the Lord, hope for tomorrow, as well as a restored relationship with my daughter and her family. Hallelujah!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry of grace.

Christine Long
Kentucky, United States