Marriage Restored with Love, Joy, and Peace

I had been struggling with depression, addictions, and fear since young. When I was in high school, I got saved. However, the teachings I received were a mixture of law and grace. I found myself often burdened to obey God’s commandments. No matter how hard I tried, I would experience failure again and again.

I regarded myself as a disqualified Christian, and this affected my marriage. I spent 13 years at odds with my wife, and finally, I decided to leave home and contemplated divorce.

But God kept speaking to me in amazing ways through Pastor Prince’s sermons. I learned that I am a joint heir with Christ and part of a royal priesthood. I also discovered God loves me, and this has nothing to do with what I have done. I started to proclaim that I am righteous in Christ, and unconsciously, I was set free from depression, addictions, and fear.

One day, a video popped up on my phone’s screen. It was a message by Pastor Prince on The Year of the Latter Rain. When I saw a picture of a family reunion, I started to cry and looked forward to receiving my own family miracle.

Incredibly, my wife and I met 2 days later in January this year. After 14 months of separation, God changed our hearts.

God didn’t just fix our marriage, but He also gave us a better one! This is the first time we feel peace, love, and joy in our marriage. We are falling in love again! Everything seems incredible and like a dream. Praise God and thank you, Pastor Prince.

Joshua Guo