Marriage Transformed, Delivered from Vices

I was raised in church but never really understood what it meant to be a Christian. When I left my hometown to further my studies, I started to smoke, drink, and gamble. I even became addicted to pornography.

Eventually, I got married and we had a baby boy. To support my family, I had to work overseas. When I was abroad, things grew worse. I started living in adultery, and my wife also got involved with another man. That crushed me. I was so hurt and felt that my life had no more meaning. Nonetheless, for the sake of my son, I still applied for my family to join me in Canada.

Months after we reunited, my love for my wife was rekindled. However, the pain and hurt were still present. I realized that I needed God’s intervention, and we started going to church where we learned to forgive each other.

One day, I came across Pastor Prince’s sermons on YouTube. His preaching was so profound yet straight to the point. I had never heard anyone share such amazing revelations and anointed words that imparted grace to listeners. I have learned a lot from Pastor Prince, including being conscious that we have been made the righteousness of God in Christ. I would listen to his sermons all day long.

Since then, I have been delivered from drunkenness, stubbornness, and sexual immorality. My physical body has also gotten stronger after discerning the Lord’s body as I partake of the holy Communion daily. My wife was even healed of scoliosis without any surgery!

We have also been practicing the Lord’s presence and love together. Now, our marriage is completely restored. Today whenever I am asked to share the Word of God, I make sure my message only points to Jesus, the reason for our living, and nothing else.

All glory and praise to the Lord! Thank you, Pastor Prince, and New Creation Church!


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