Experienced Renewal in Marriage, Freed of Dissociative Disorder

Due to sexual abuse that happened to me when I was younger, my entire personality went into hiding, and I had dissociative disorder.

Years ago, I read Pastor Prince’s book Destined to Reign and began listening to his sermons. It took time, and I marveled at the changes to my foundation in Christ. All I know is my hunger for Him was insatiable. I learned to rest in Jesus—something I never knew I could do before. I learned to receive from Him. I learned to live in His shalom-peace. And I experienced my breakthrough!

My husband and I have experienced a rocket renewal in our relationship. I have been freed of dissociative disorder, and I feel so alive! Each day holds excitement and purpose in Jesus. I am 69, happier, and more engaged than I have ever been. Thank you, Pastor Prince, and the prayer warriors at Grace Revolution Church Online!

Wisconsin, United States