Mass In The Abdomen Gone After Prayers

Back in 1 November 2010, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. That evening around midnight, I went to my kitchen and took the Holy Communion with the Lord. The next morning, a scope was done and I was told that I had been misdiagnosed with bladder cancer. There was, however, a mass in the abdomen outside the bladder area. I sent in a prayer request to your ministry for the removal of the mass.

Since then, I have gone through test after test. Finally, today, on 10 February 2011, two biopsies came back negative for cancer. They have looked all over the place and found nothing but some fibroids, which are non-life threatening and can be treated with a simple day procedure.

In my darkest moments when fear nearly ate me alive, my brothers and sisters were praying for me everywhere. Thank you for your prayers and I’m so very thankful for the teaching coming from Pastor Prince. The Holy Spirit prompted me to take Communion in my kitchen that first night. Blessings to you.

Julie Wyatt
Washington, United States