Medical Problem Resolved After Praying in Jesus’ Name

I am a charge nurse working for a hospital in Los Angeles. One early afternoon, one of the nurses approached me and asked me to help him unclog the gastric feeding tube of his patient. He had been working on the problem for a few hours and finally decided to seek my help.

I went with him to his patient’s room and attempted to flush the patient’s tube. Unfortunately, I couldn’t unclog it either, despite the amount of force I was applying into the flushing syringe. I told the nurse I would continue to work on it and that he could go and take care of his other patients.

As I continued to wrestle with the problem, another colleague walked in and offered to help me. This guy had much more strength than me considering his size. Long story short, he couldn’t get the tube to work either. I was starting to lose hope.

Then I remembered Pastor Prince’s preaching about how Jesus’ name is above every other name. I said to myself that even this problem will bow down to the name of Jesus! Under my breath, I prayed, “In the mighty name of Jesus, you too will bow down to His name!” Within seconds, the tube slowly gave way as I flushed it with all my strength!

I gave out a sudden laughter as I couldn’t believe the Lord answered me that quickly. I tried flushing the tube again and this time, it was effortless. I was then able to hook up the patient’s feeding tube and thanked the Lord He didn’t fail me.

I am still amazed at what the Lord has done, and I give Him all the glory and praise!

California, United States