Mind Restored, No More Anxiety and Fear

Pastor Prince, a few years ago, I was suffering from severe anxiety and fear. I could not sleep for days at a time and it was very difficult to eat.

I was a believer and a Sunday school teacher, but I did not have a revelation of God’s grace and truth. I suffered for many months and visited many doctors.

One night at a Bible study, someone mentioned “Joseph Prince” and showed me a copy of your book Destined to Reign. I had never heard of your ministry, but I got hold of the book the next day. I also began to record your show each day and would listen to your sermons while getting ready for work each morning.

I am here to say that my mind has been restored after learning that I am the righteousness of God in Christ and hearing the finished work of Jesus at the cross!

I now write children’s books and record a weekly radio show. My vision is to equip children with the truth and raise up a generation of kingdom kids!

God sent someone from Singapore to minister to me, and I am forever grateful.

Gretchen Harris
Illinois, United States