More Peace, Fewer Panic Attacks

I had been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety since I was in high school, with the last year being the worst. It came to the point where I found it difficult to leave the house. I was having panic attacks constantly throughout the day and would dread waking up in the morning. Eventually, I went to many doctors because the stress I was under was so severe.

One day, I listened to a sermon that mentioned Joseph Prince’s book The Power of Right Believing and remembered I had the audio book. Although I had listened to it before, I decided to listen to it again.

In the book, Joseph challenges the reader to practice Jesus’ presence for a week. When I did that, things started to change. I also partook of the holy Communion daily and meditated on having the mind of Christ.

I’d imagine the Lord guiding me, caring for me, placing His hands on my head, and praying for me. Things didn’t go back to normal right away and I still have episodes of anxiety and panic. But in the midst of them, I focus my mind on Jesus and let Him show me the way through my struggles. I also remember Pastor Prince saying how when I rest, Jesus works.

I want to encourage anybody reading this that Jesus is for you and wants you healed. He is counting down the minutes till He can pour His blessings upon you!

Ashley Shelton
Tennessee, United States