Never The Same After Watching First Broadcast In 2007

I have sat under your teaching since the first day it aired in America in Summer 2007. I remember that day clearly: I sat there in front of the television, riveted by what I was hearing, and my life has never been the same.

By your preaching on grace, the Holy Spirit has delivered me from the torment of terrible anxiety and panic attacks, deep depression, eating disorders and weight problems. I would fear and dread every morning with feelings of worthlessness.

Receiving Jesus’ gift of no condemnation has set me free to walk confidently through life with joy and peace. Truly, He is healing and restoring me—spirit, soul and body. Now, I am empowered to be a blessing to my young children and my husband. Our family life is flourishing and my extended family can see the difference in me.

Words can hardly express the tremendous gratitude to you for risking criticism to teach the truth. Thank you so much for taking on Papa God’s commission to preach grace. My life has been radically transformed, just as He promised you all those years ago when you were in Switzerland. Thank you so very much and God bless you and your family.

Caroline Evans
California, United States