Husband Received Job, Great Favor

My husband had a sales job for 10 years that required him to travel a lot. We didn’t see each other for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. Two years ago, his company went through some changes that ultimately resulted in us not having enough funds for food or lodging..

Good sales jobs were scarce in our part of the state, and my husband assumed he would not be able to find a good-paying job even after applying to many places. We went several months without any income and had to rely on our monthly social security. However, this was not enough to make ends meet. Our savings were exhausted, and we had to sell our possessions and receive help from our church.

We have been faithful supporters of Joseph Prince Ministries, and I have been listening to Pastor Prince for more than 10 years, believing everything I had been taught. At the end of December 2018, we decided to partake of the holy Communion every night until my husband got a job. We did it faithfully, remembering the sacrifice our Lord Jesus made on the cross for our total well-being.

We live next door to a small marina where we made friends with a few boaters. After 6 weeks of partaking the Communion daily, our boater friend, a non-believer, “just happened” to text us to ask how we were doing. We hadn’t seen him all winter.

I told him we were struggling as my husband had been unemployed for the past few months. Our friend then suggested that my husband go to the marina next door as he had heard the marina owner was hiring.

The next day, my husband went over to the marina owner and was hired on the spot! The owner said he had put off hiring someone else for two months without knowing why.

We have caught up on all our bills and the marina owner has been so overwhelmed because so many boats have been sold—he can’t keep enough in stock! My husband can now just walk right next door to work, which worked out well because we had to sell our vehicle anyway. We don’t even have to pay for the vehicle insurance anymore. Isn’t God amazing? His ways are beyond our comprehension.

I also took the opportunity to let our boater friend know how God used him in orchestrating everything for my husband to get this job. And now my husband and I get to spend more time together.

To God be the glory!

Michigan, United States