New Life, Freedom And Restoration After Listening To Grace Message

About one year ago, my wife and I heard Joseph Prince on a television broadcast and we were hooked. We have been married for 40 years and have been Christians all this time. But since we watched your broadcast, we have been experiencing such freedom.

My wife and I have read both books by Joseph Prince and we have been watching his DVDs on Wednesday nights with our small group. Our lives are being radically changed by the message of grace. In addition, we have started taking the Holy Communion together each night. The new life we are experiencing is "too good to be true". The gospel truly is good news! Every area of my life is beginning to be restored.

I want to thank you for preaching grace and truth and for opening my eyes to finally understand that He remembers my sins no more. I look forward to hearing every message you preach and eating the words of life. I honestly can't get enough of your teachings. I feel like I am going through a detox program of eliminating all the wrong believing and Christian propaganda that has brainwashed me.

Thank you for setting us free to receive His grace. We are being restored and made alive. Now, we are looking for ways to let the river within us flow to our kids and everyone we know.

Ken Paige
California, United States