No Longer Bound by Fear, Able to Enjoy Time outside Home

For years I was bound by anxiety and fear. I feared things that had not even occurred and would see in my mind the possibilities of them occurring. This kept me from leaving the house and enjoying time with my family. I had trouble going to work unless heavily medicated. When I no longer had insurance to get my medications, I had to quit my job.

I found Pastor Prince on television one early morning a few years ago, but only caught his messages once in a while. Being a believer in Christ, I prayed but didn’t want to trouble the Lord with my issues.

A number of months ago, I began to watch Pastor Prince’s program every night. One message in particular spoke to me. He preached that “as Jesus is, so am I in this world.” There is no pain, no fear, no issues in Jesus, so there are none in me. I prayed that night telling Jesus that as He is—not anxious or fearful—so am I.

Since that night, I have not been anxious once. I am no longer bound by fear as I rest in God’s blessings. And I have been able to leave the house and spend time with my family on walks and dinners out.

God is great! I praise Him and thank Him for giving Pastor Prince the words to finally reach me, and for His Holy Spirit filling me and bringing me closer to Jesus.

Stanley Sedwick
Florida, United States