No Longer Sidelined, Now Enjoying Favor At Work

Some time ago, I was offered an intercompany position that enabled me to travel to the United States. My first day in the office was an eye-opener. The director I was to be working for didn’t believe I was suitable for the role and was vocal about replacing me.

He didn’t trust my competency, and I was made to report to a peer. This was a bit humiliating since we were on the same level, and I believe I knew more about the subject matter. I was not included in critical meetings and key client presentations. I did the legwork and provided the deliverables but my peer presented my work to the client.

I felt like my future, my career, and even my sanity were at risk. Being kicked out of the project meant I had to go back to my home country. But I really wanted to stay since the role enables me to earn much more than what I could in my home country. I felt repressed and misrepresented.

Through it all, what kept me from losing my mind and later on helped me to keep my heart at peace was Christ. I started listening to grace-filled messages every week, and I tried to listen to Joseph Prince’s messages daily, whenever I could. This has been my anchor. It enabled me to stay at rest through it all and not feel depressed.

Christ provided a bounty in the presence of my enemies! Before long, my peer fell out with my director, and he was taken off the project. My director began to start trusting me, so much so that at the end of our project, he was heaping praises on me. He even called me the best manager he has! And months before the project ended, this same director assigned me to a new long-term project.

Christ is good. I look forward to waking up each day to more of His grace and favor. May I walk all the days of my life in His favor, and may my life be a living testimony of His love and majesty.

Missouri, United States