Experiencing Blessings and Favor Through God’s Love

My car had broken down on the highway, so I had to leave it at the dealership after it was towed there. It was still under warranty. The service advisor called to tell me the repair would cost more than US$3,400. When I asked the dealer if the repair was under warranty, he said no.

I immediately got off the phone, prayed, and thanked Jesus for all my blessings, and felt more peace. I’d been declaring my righteousness in Christ, so I had been feeling peace and serenity.

One day later, the service advisor called me again and informed me they had made a mistake and the repair was under warranty! They also offered to change my oil with synthetic oil at zero cost due to the mistake made.

Pastor Prince, I don’t deserve all of this but it is Jesus’ love and grace for me. My family is noticing a big change in me and I tell them, “It is the Lord Jesus. I am flawed as a man, but I am the righteousness of God in Christ.” He is working miracles in my life.

In another incident, I needed approval to work from home as I was an at-risk person for COVID-19. An hour ago, I received an email from the board that handles such approvals informing me they would help me receive the arrangement to work from home.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for showing how the Lord’s love for us is majestic, limitless, and knows no bounds.

Florida, United States