No More Anger Outbursts, Marriage Improved

Pastor Prince, I have been a pastor since 1986 and have followed Word of faith teachings.

I started to listen to you about 5 years ago. At first I had problems receiving your messages since it went against some things I had been taught. After a while, I began to see the reality of grace. 4 months later, I realized the anger I had carried for years was gone. As a pastor, I had been bothered with occasional anger outbursts but the worse part was the days of condemnation that followed. I am now free from that and have been for over 4 years.

I had truly thought I would never be free of that anger. I can now see I was freed because I had been hearing about my Father’s love and His forgiveness of all my sins. Like you, I used to confess every wrong thought and attitude. This was a torment. On top of that I had an addiction since the age of 15 and had hidden it from my wife. Through the years I had times of freedom but I would fall back into the addiction again. I felt even more condemned each time since I was a pastor. It is now great to be free and not to feel that I am living a lie—struggling with sin while pastoring.

I have fallen in love with my Savior like never before, and I know Jesus loves me! Grace has changed me AND my marriage. Next year will be our 50th wedding anniversary, and I praise God my love and appreciation for my wife have grown to a level I never expected. We have heaven on earth in our home.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for introducing us to grace. I pray all Central and South Americans would experience the grace revolution!

California, United States