No More Brokenness, Enjoying Marriage and Ministry

I had been a pastor on the mission field in Mexico for 17 years when my marriage fell apart. I returned to the United States a broken man with a broken calling. I became greatly disillusioned with the body of Christ as almost nobody reached out to me when I badly needed to be affirmed and loved.

Feeling lost, I became a teacher just to survive. During this period, I began to spend countless hours reading and listening to Pastor Prince’s grace teachings. There were many nights where I would wake up, unable to sleep due to the unbearable pain of disappointment. I would listen to Joseph’s messages while crying and praying for my life’s transformation.

As God transformed my entire way of seeing myself as His beloved son, my broken life began to heal. I am now happily married to a woman who’s also been transformed by grace. I am also living a glorious grace life as a children’s pastor in my local church.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for allowing God to use you to help put broken children of God like me back together again. God bless you!

Greg Buckiewicz
Washington, United States