No More Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Pastor Prince, my family recently moved to Texas for better prospects. I had prayed every night for the move to go smoothly.

We had pets we had to find a new home for, and they all went to people who loved them as much as we did. The move happened quicker than expected, but everything came together so smoothly. I knew it was God’s work. But little did I know how much God was working with me. He has been healing me every day.

I’d struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for the past few years. I could barely leave the house. Every morning, I tune in to your sermon and it addresses what’s going on in my life. I have not had a panic attack while visiting the big stores. No anxiety or churning in my stomach. I have prayed to God to help me and He has!

I also realized it’s not good to start my prayers with “God, forgive me for my sins of the day.” I know Jesus died on the cross for my sins, but I thought I was just asking for forgiveness to show God that I know I’m not perfect. Your sermons helped me to understand that God has forgiven me. And by asking for forgiveness daily, I was being conscious of my sins all the time.

I’m no longer in sin-consciousness because of your teachings. Thank God for your ability. I pray for your program to be aired in every state so that so many more lives could be changed. God bless you!

Lori Bishop
Texas, United States