No More Battling Anxiety, Depression, and Dark Thoughts

Pastor Prince, I’ve been a partner with you since 2011. I’ve been so blessed by your ministry over the years and have grown tremendously by feeding on God’s Word that you share.

About 2 years ago, my wife of 11 years suddenly left me. She claimed it was incompatibility issues, but I later discovered she had been lying for months and had been in an adulterous affair with another married man.

This news was devastating. It made my blood pressure skyrocket and created intense anxiety and depression. For weeks, the enemy put thoughts of despair, darkness, and even death in my mind.

I went ahead with the divorce proceedings. With divorce, adultery, and betrayal, my mental health and well-being were negatively impacted. The doctor prescribed me 2 medications to deal with the stress and anxiety. In the midst of all this, I began partaking of the holy Communion daily. I trusted in Christ more and more and leaned deeper and deeper upon my Savior.

Three months later, I began attending Grace Revolution Church in Dallas. Just after a month of attendance and partaking daily of the Communion, the pain, anxiety, and anguish left. I felt led to stop taking medication and fully trust the Lord. The healing power of Jesus’ love and grace overtook me.

I no longer battle depression, anxiety, or dark thoughts. I believe it’s all because of the power of the word of grace, daily Communion, and the finished work of Christ that I have found lasting peace and victory.

John Reed
Texas, United States