No More Blockages in Arteries

Late last year, I was admitted to the hospital’s emergency unit due to chest pain, breathlessness, and numbness in my left arm.

The doctor suspected that a main artery had burst and sent me for an immediate ultrasound and a computerized tomography (CT) scan.

Both test results showed no bleeding in my artery and no sign of a heart attack. But I was advised to go for a treadmill test and that was when I was discovered to have blockages in my arteries.

During this time, I chose to spend time with the Lord and would feel His shalom-peace within me. On Vision Sunday (January 2, 2022), Pastor Prince prayed for the congregation saying that this year, healing shall spring forth in an accelerated way and that the harvest shall be plentiful. I claimed the blessings for myself.

The following Sunday, Pastor Prince also prayed for my condition. During my next visit to the doctor, I decided to ask him for another blood test.

One morning while taking a walk, I took a deep breath and was pleasantly surprised that there was no pain in my chest. When I next visited the doctor, he revealed that my blood test results came back normal, and my organs are functioning well. There were also no more blockages in my arteries. Praise the Lord! He is the One that healed me!

Michelle Lee