No More Condemned, Freed from Sexual Sin

Despite being a born-again Christian, I had been watching pornography, masturbating, and struggling with lust. When I started attending high school, it became very hard to get rid of this habit.

I started having a difficult time. On top of that, my college studies got suspended because I had no money to pay my school fees. When I went to a church once, the pastor asked me what had led to my financial troubles. I told him that I’d become sexually immoral. After he prayed for me, I believed that all was well and that I would not continue with lust.

But 2 days later, the habit continued and even worsened. I felt so condemned I thought my relationship with God was over. But not long after, I discovered Joseph Prince Ministries while surfing the Internet. I read a few articles and signed up for the Daily Grace Inspirations. At this time, I was still continuing with my bad habits.

One day I listened to a sermon by Pastor Prince that was about how God does not condemn me. I believed this truth and stopped putting myself under condemnation even though I continued watching pornography.

After a few days, when I felt the desire to watch pornography again, I heard this: “I love you very much and you are My son. I have good plans for you.” The lust I had melted away immediately. I also started to love watching Pastor Prince’s sermons.

I no longer have lustful feelings, and I have not masturbated. I have also started preaching grace and people are shocked. Thank You, Jesus! I am now God’s son, because Jesus has made an overpayment for my sins on the cross. I can now walk as a righteous person in Christ!

Bernard Cheruiyot