No More Pain, Disease, and Addiction

I fractured my tibial plateau 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve had several surgeries to repair it, but the doctors said I would never walk normally again. I was unable to work and do many day-to-day activities and became very depressed. I felt as if I was failing as a father, husband, brother, and son. I became addicted to pain medication and eventually got addicted to intravenous heroin shots.

One day, I watched one of Pastor Prince’s sermons and began praying to God. I got into the Word and started going to church. I listened to Pastor Prince’s sermons on the holy Communion and got his book Eat Your Way to Life and Health.

My life is getting better and better every day! I can walk normally again, my relationships are getting increasingly better, and I even got a full-time job. The best thing of all is my connection with the Lord Jesus. He gives me everything I need. He gives me rest.

What had seemed hopeless is now a testimony of His never-ending love and grace. I partake of the Communion often and no longer have any pain, disease, or addiction. I am the righteousness of God in Christ!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings. It has brought me closer to the Word of God!

Trampus Hoy
Montana, United States