No More Guilt and Shame, Joy Restored

For years, I was so riddled with guilt and shame. I was really scared to open the Bible because I thought I would see everything I had done wrong. This was so debilitating, and it got to the point I questioned my belief in God.

One day I was watching television and saw Joseph Prince preaching. What he said hit home for me, and everything he said resonated with my spirit. I’d asked the Lord to send me someone who believes in the gospel of grace, and He loves me so much He sent someone all the way from Singapore.

Since then, I’ve listened to and meditated on Pastor Prince’s teachings. I now know I am the righteousness of God in Christ.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for showing me God’s love and grace and how He is for me and not against me. The gospel of grace has restored the joy of the Lord in me and changed my life forever. Glory to God!

Michelle Annette Nichols
Indiana, United States