No More Swelling of Gums

I had a metal crown done on my tooth last year. It became painful early this year, and my gums also began to swell. I visited the dentist multiple times to reduce the swelling and was told that if the swelling persisted, I would have to remove the old crown and put in a new one.

Being a person who enjoys food and who has a low tolerance for pain, I was filled with dread. Every day I would declare that by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed. My son also encouraged me to partake of the holy Communion daily as preached by Pastor Prince.

I also kept listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons. On June 27, 2021, I noticed that my gums had swelled even more. It was an ugly sight. However, I still prepared to tune in to the service online. That day, Pastor Prince preached on how God’s Word brings forth life and healing. I received the message and believed for a hundred-fold healing for myself.

At the end of his sermon, Pastor Prince prayed for those with swelling of gums! I stood up to receive my healing. He even prayed for a spinal pain condition I had been having for a month, which affected my right arm.

Today I am completely healed. I can bite a guava without pain in my gums, and there is also no more pain in my back and arm. Glory to God!

Irene Yong