No More Tormented by Fears over Son

I used to be very fearful about my son’s well-being. I would imagine him falling, getting hurt, or dropping dead in every possible scenario, and it nearly drove me crazy! These thoughts and imaginations really tortured me. They grew worse as he grew older because he’s an active boy and my only child. I was known as “monster mama” in his school because I complained a lot about their safety standards.

Nobody was able to help me. All they told me was that I worry too much and suggested I let go and let my child grow up naturally. I wanted to stop all those thoughts but I just could not help myself! I had to shut down my social media account because I could not stand to read any more bad news. Doing that helped me a little but the fearful thoughts continued in my head.

One day I heard Pastor Prince teach on meditation. He said that when he was afraid or scared, he would recite the Word of God over and over until that fear went away because the Word of God is alive and powerful. I tried to recite the verse that he used from 2 Timothy 1:7, but it did not yield any results for me. I felt discouraged until I stumbled upon this Romans 6:9 verse: “Death no longer has dominion over Him.”

I know “Him” refers to Jesus, but because I have been listening to “as Jesus is so am I in this world,” I changed the verse to, “Death no longer has dominion over me.” I would quote this verse whenever the fears came: “Death no longer has dominion over me and my son.” I just muttered it all day long even when I did not understand it completely.

I lost track of how long I was quoting Romans 6:9. But one day, I suddenly became aware that my fear was no longer as strong as before. It had loosened its grip over my mind. I could relax when it came to my son. Now I sometimes don’t even think about his safety in school (I used to think about it 24/7).

Sometimes I still imagine bad things happening, but now it’s like five on a scale of one hundred. Not only that, the Holy Spirit opened up Romans 6:9 for me. I realized that it is not just about death, but also sicknesses, diseases, calamities, accidents, stress, aging, and so on. All things fallen in this world no longer have dominion over me! No wonder the Holy Spirit picked this particular verse for me! It applies to me perfectly!

My friends say I worry less now because my son is older. Ha! That’s certainly not the reason. It’s because of Him, I can be normal and not be tormented by negative thoughts regarding my son’s safety!

I want to encourage everyone who is facing a similar problem: The world may not understand you and what you are going through. They may even label you as ridiculous, crazy, or a maniac, but God understands you, and He is more than willing to help you!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the true gospel. Thank You, Lord Jesus!

Ida Zhang