Not Trying To 'Be Good' Brings About Heart Change

I have been a Christian for about 34 years. Since discovering Joseph Prince Ministries, I feel like I have been released from 34 years of being in a prison of Christian legalism, rules and lists of things I had to do to get God to help and bless me.

Before hearing the unadulterated gospel of grace, I had all but given up on my life as a Christian. Yes, I still believed that I would go to heaven, but just barely. I didn't even pray anymore because I felt that I had so many problems that I would probably not be praying right anyway, so why bother? I hated reading the Bible because to me, it was just a reminder of all the things I was doing wrong and all the stuff I had to do if I wanted God's help.

Now, I can't get enough of God's Word because I see it as a love letter from God rather than a book of rules that I can't keep. I also can't get enough of listening to the sermons that I get from Joseph Prince Ministries and feel like I have been given healthy, nourishing food after spending 34 years eating junk food. I listen to your sermons over and over again. I find myself spending more time in the Word because it is FINALLY really and truly GOOD NEWS that I am hearing. I want to know more about who God is for real.

For the first time in my life, my 20-something kids, niece and nephew are EXCITED about God too. We are all reading Destined To Reign and constantly listening to teachings from your ministry. Recently, I was thinking about the God that I now know as my Abba Father and I felt overwhelmed by His love for me. I started to say, "I love You." Suddenly, I realized that there are just no words to adequately convey the love I feel for Him now. Those three little words just don't cover it. Sometimes, I feel like my heart will burst because of the love I feel for Him now because I finally believe that He feels the same way about me!

Additionally, things that I have been trying to quit for DECADES are now beginning to just fade away as I rest in God knowing that He's going to keep loving me no matter what. Who knew that NOT trying to "be good" would bring about a heart change and then change me on the outside too. I cannot believe that all this has been available to me all along.

I am so happy now that I can't even describe it. Yes, I am still having my share of challenges, but things look so much different when you know that God not only CAN handle it, but He WILL handle it when you just rest and let Him be the Daddy to you that He wants to be.

I cannot thank you enough for your ministry and your obedience to God in bringing this life changing Word to us, His children. I have been forever changed and I tell everybody who will listen about Joseph Prince Ministries, but mostly about the gospel of grace that you preach. God is so wonderful and I look forward to the next 70 years of my life walking in His grace and sharing it with His people. You're the best! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Maryland, United States