Passed Entrance Exams and Enrolled in University Despite Odds

I believe God helped me to pass my university entrance examinations even when the odds were against me.

My friend, who gave me his bank statement to help me get a visa in Germany, constantly threatened to take his bank statement from me if I did not pass the exams. That meant having to return to my home country. The threats went on every day and I developed a very big fear of him.

I requested for prayer from the ministry and received Psalm 46:1 in a reply. I meditated on the verse day and night, and the fear began to subside. I also started listening to sermons from Pastor Prince, especially when I was studying.

One day, Pastor Prince challenged us to write a prayer request where we could apply Mark 11:24 to it. I did it without hesitation. My prayer was to enroll in the university. But when I got hold of the results of the entrance exams, I realized I needed one more mark to pass. I was very sad and called a friend about it. He advised me to request for a re-mark of my paper. My sister also called me and gave me a verse from Isaiah 43:4.

I checked the verse and felt the love of God for me. I then started declaring His Word. I went on to request for my paper to be re-marked and God was so good—I passed the entrance exams! The examiners had made a mistake when grading my paper.

I have been enrolled in not just any university but one of the best universities in Germany and in the world. I’m 1 of the 50 students selected out of over four hundred applicants!

I am very thankful and grateful for what the Lord has done for me through this ministry.

Joseph Abu Bonsra