Persistent Knee Pain All Gone

I fell very sick with fever, sore throat, and congestion for a month. I couldn’t talk and could barely get out of bed. I hadn’t partaken of the holy Communion in years because I was taught not to take it if I had sinned and had not asked God for forgiveness.

But after watching Pastor Prince preach on the subject, I decided to partake of the holy Communion and go to bed. An hour later, I woke up, and with a gasp, I realized all my symptoms were gone! Praise Jesus! And that was only the beginning of God’s healing in my life.

Previously, I had badly injured my knee after stepping into a hole while sprinting on a baseball field late one night. My knee was never the same after that and I did not have insurance to have it checked out.

The pain nagged me every single day for 4 years, almost taunting me. Some days, it would hurt so badly I could barely walk. I used to beg God to heal it. Then I started declaring this every day: “Lord, You are my healing. As You are, so am I. If Your leg is perfect, so is mine.”

After declaring this over my knee for some weeks, the pain completely disappeared. 4 years of pain all gone! All glory to Christ!

My wife and I now partake of the holy Communion daily. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for heeding the Lord’s call to preach God’s Word to the world. May God bless you!

Sam Villon
Arizona, United States