Prayer Led to Discovery of Error in Exam Marks

I received my examination results a week before my overseas trip and saw that I had failed a module with a final mark of 6. It was odd since I had already gotten more than 6 marks for my assignments. But I thought I probably scored only 6 marks for my exam and they keyed in my exam mark instead of my final mark.

As I felt I didn’t prepare for the exam sufficiently, I accepted the failure and that I had to retake the module the following semester. It was very discouraging because it was a module I didn’t expect to fail. I had also kept praying and confessing—before, during, and after my exams—that I would pass all my modules. I also felt very guilty that my mom would have to pay more for my school fees.

Even though I felt helpless and hopeless, I continued to pray and asked God to change my grade. I enrolled for the module again and went for my trip. When I returned, I texted a group mate for some notes for the module. When she learned why I needed it, she asked me for the mark I had received. We both agreed it was odd and she urged me to contact the school.

I quickly sent an email to the course coordinator and kept praying throughout the day. When I felt troubled, I worshiped God and listened to clips of Pastor Prince’s sermons on YouTube. I also kept reading the testimony on how a student passed his design course even though he had received a “fail” in the beginning.

That very night, the course coordinator replied and told me there was indeed an error in keying in my result. It was supposed to be 66, not 6.

Because of how unprepared I was for the exam and because I didn’t want to give myself false hope, I just accepted the strange result but my Father God didn’t. He never gave up on me. In addition, He didn’t just give me a pass, but also a credit. Thank You so much, Father God. Indeed whoever believes in Him will not be put to shame!