Property Paid Off, Employment Extended

We are so blessed to have found you at the Grace & Favor Seminar at Hillsong Church. From then on, our lives were never the same again. We thank you so much for unveiling Christ to us. Blessings have been coming our way and much to our delight, it has been effortless!

Recently, the Lord gave us the money to pay off our property loan. Also, last year till early this year, the company my husband works in had to lay off many of his colleagues. But in the middle of this year, his boss asked him if it’s okay to extend his employment for two more years. Members of our Bible study group were so amazed with what the Lord was doing in our lives. Most of them were sent home without finishing their contracts.

We've started giving away your resources (books, CDs and DVDs) as presents and will buy heaps this Christmas to bless our friends, both Christians and non-believers. Glory to God.