Protected from Car Accident

I have been attending New Creation Church for many years and believe in the importance of receiving the closing prayer after every service. Every time without fail, Pastor Prince would pray for divine protection over us. Having sat under his ministry for many years, I believe protection comes from the Lord, and the Spirit within us is always there to direct our steps.

One day as I was driving to work, I spotted a lady waiting by the traffic light junction. She looked very lost and distracted. The lights turned green in my favor, but something within me told me to look out for the lady. Sure enough, the lady, who was deep in thought, attempted to cross the road. Thankfully, she caught herself and stopped.

I stepped on my accelerator to proceed forward. At that moment, a car suddenly sped out from the right side of the junction and cut in front of my car! If I had driven off a second earlier, the car would have collided into mine!

I thank God for His divine protection. And who knows? The lady might have been an angel sent by God!