Protected from Highway Accident

One morning, my son was driving on the fast lane of a 4-lane highway. Behind him was a car driver who wouldn’t stop flickering his headlights at him to get out the way.

At that time, there was a car on the left lane just a little ahead of my son. Just as my son was planning to make way for the driver behind, that car on the left started to spin and rammed into a barrier before it bounced back and flipped into the air.

There was so much dust that my son had to slow down because he couldn’t see what was ahead of him. But he couldn’t stop because the car behind him was following closely. My son managed to drive through it all and he didn’t know how he did it.

When he got to work about 15 minutes later, a lady that works with him let him know she would be late because of an accident on the highway involving 2 cars. He then realized that the hand of God had protected him.

We have been praying Psalm 91 every day. I intercede for my son every morning at 4.30am when he leaves for work, praying Psalm 91 over him because he has to travel 45 minutes to get to work. He also prays on his way to work for protection. God has really demonstrated how He protects us.

I would like to thank Pastor Prince for being obedient to the Holy Spirit and teaching us the meaning and importance of Psalm 91. I also bought his book The Prayer of Protection, and I listen to as many of his sermons as I can. They have truly changed my life. Thank you so much. I give Jesus all the glory!

Sarah Chadwick
South Africa