Protected from Several Accidents, Knees and Shoulders Healed

I prayed the prayer of protection with Joseph Prince and it protected me from several accidents.

A number of times, I was almost hit by cars while walking or driving but God sent angels to intervene and protected me from harm. I would have lost my left leg if Joseph didn’t pray for me!

In another incident, I was using a chemical spray to clean my restaurant. The spray almost got into my eyes. But a gust of wind caused the spray to graze past my glasses and I was not harmed.

I would also like to give thanks for healing of my crooked knees. It had affected me and given me knee pain whenever I ran. However, after I partook of the Holy Communion, my legs were straightened supernaturally!

In addition, I had sustained injury to my shoulders from working out incorrectly at the gym. However, as I partook of the Communion, my shoulders were healed and are now in good shape.

I thank God so much for all these healing miracles in my life!

Phillip Hsieh
California, United States