Protected While Crossing the Road

Pastor Prince, I felt led to get your teaching series on Psalm 91 some time ago, but I put it off as I was on a tight budget. However, I could not stop thinking about it so I woke up very early one morning to download the teaching, Intimacy with the Father Brings Protection: Truths from Psalm 91. I was very excited as I listened to it on the way to work in the car.

To get to my office after I parked my car, I had to cross a busy road. A bus slowed down and as I crossed the road, a scooter overtook the bus at full speed and whizzed past me, missing me by centimeters. If I had crossed one second sooner, I would have been hit by the scooter!

As soon as I got to the office, I shared what happened with my Christian friend, and she told me that minutes before, she was led to pray for my protection and had a vision of angels surrounding me.

It was not a coincidence that I was listening to your teaching that day. I know that my Papa commanded His angels to protect me from being badly injured, and led my friend to pray for me. His protection and grace came simply by me listening to your teaching.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing the truth of God’s Word and for encouraging me to claim His promises of protection over my life. May God be forever praised!