Read It, It Will Change Your Life

Pastor Prince, I am really glad for the day I saw you on Destined To Reign on Trinity Broadcasting Network. I was channel surfing when I came across your program. I was drawn to your accent because I'm originally from Liberia and the accents are similar. I didn't really stay plugged in to your ministry initially.

But one day, I was in a bookstore and saw your book, Destined To Reign. I picked it up, looked at it a little bit and put it down. But I heard the voice of God on the inside of me say, "Read it, it will change your life." So without hesitation, I bought it. And did it change my life? Indeed it did.

A month later, my grandmother was dying of cancer. I spent a lot of time with her in the hospital during her last days on earth. I also met this beautiful lady who became my wife. She was one of the nurses taking care of my grandmother.

When we started talking, she immediately started complaining about how tired she was with religion. You and I know exactly what book I recommended her—Destined To Reign! It also changed her life. We are happily married and watching your broadcast program, Destined To Reign.

We are partnering with you on this gospel revolution path and prayerfully lifting you up, that God will continue to give you utterance and boldness to declare this gospel truth to the whole world. You are a blessing, Pastor Prince.

G AndreWilliams
Maryland, United States