Realization Of The Finished Work Brings Transformation

I felt guilty about aborting my baby and wanted to divorce my abusive husband. I also felt that God was punishing me for my mistakes.

In the midst of all the chaos, I heard Pastor Joseph Prince's messages on God's grace and how Jesus' sacrifice on the cross paid the price for my sins once and for all. My life changed and I realized how much God loves me in spite of my mistakes.

I have started reading the Bible more and prayer has become a vital part of my life. After knowing that I am set free and forgiven forever, I have forgiven my husband and am praying for our marriage to be restored. My miracle is on my way.

PRAISE JESUS! I am in love with Jesus and I am so glad that He loves me so much. Praise God for using Pastor Joseph Prince to speak HIS heart. God bless you and your ministry, Joseph.

Hyderabad, United States