Received Healing Through Digital Prayer Experience

I woke up one day not feeling very good, and as I moved about, I continued feeling worse. I had an uncontrollable cough. It hurt to breathe, and I was nauseous and did not have the appetite to eat breakfast, which was very unusual for me.

I recently recovered from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), so my first thought was, Great, it’s back. I also began judging myself that it was because I had helped my husband with work outside in the cold and damp weather the previous day. Then my joints began to throb with severe pain, something I hadn’t experienced in a long time since I was healed of an auto-immune disorder. I got more discouraged and began judging myself even more.

I learned from Pastor Prince about the value of receiving the holy Communion and have been healed by the Lord of many conditions through this covenant meal, so my husband and I received the Communion together. Immediately after, I felt Jesus remind me of GRC Online’s Digital Prayer Experience. I went upstairs to get on my computer, but my joints hurt so badly that I just wanted to lie in bed. But Jesus is so gracious and patient. I felt the Holy Spirit reminding me again to go to the digital prayer room.

As I did so, I heard the GRCO pastors share about how much our Daddy God loves and desires to heal us. I immediately felt a fresh wave of His love pour over me! Effortlessly, I stopped thinking about myself and my pain and meditated on Jesus and our Daddy God’s great love as the pastors shared the Word and prayed over me.

The condemnation I was putting myself under was washed away by His love! As the leaders prayed and declared no condemnation for those in Christ, the Lord reminded me of how happy I was to help my husband the day before, especially since I couldn’t for many years due to my physical disabilities. Jesus even reminded me of how I had even come into the house singing and giving Him thanks and praise that I had even been able to do so much to help my husband. I suddenly realized that being able to help my husband in a practical way was a beautiful grace gift from Jesus, and the enemy was trying to rob me of it!

After the prayers, I watched the first video link The Way of Escape in Every Trial. After some time, the pain in my joints began to lessen. This was incredible as it used to take several days for the pain to go away. At the end of the sermon, I received the Communion together with Pastor Prince.

Pastor Prince led us to picture Jesus being whipped and to see our sicknesses and pains on His body as He bore them for us. As I pictured Jesus being whipped, I pictured all His joints exposed as the flesh was torn from His body. The Lord also gave me a fresh revelation I never had before. He showed me that any sign of the curse is a thief—sickness, pain, disease, and poverty were all thieves. Then, He reminded me of how He drove thieves out of His Father’s house with a whip! The Lord was showing me that when I partake of the bread, He takes the whip to drive out all the thieves in my house, even the ones I’m unaware of.

Through tears of overwhelming gratitude, I received the Communion and saw the whip of Jesus driving out ALL my pain! Immediately, the rest of the pain in my joints vanished, and I could go down to the kitchen to eat again!

Thank you so much for the Digital Prayer Experience and such incredible resources.

Charlie Tracey
Washington, United States